A love at first sight that of William Sonn, for the kitchen.

Grandmothers and aunt helped him hone his palate as a child. Between vices and delicacies he later discovered that cooking for him was a real passion for this he attended the De Filippi hotel school in Varese, where he was able to develop the skills necessary to become a good chef.

Born in 1985, young and with a long experience in the kitchen, his talent has been appreciated many times in the brigades of important kitchens, such as that of the 4 Moors of Varese, where he worked for 4 years and contributed to the acquisition of the Michelin star.

Today he is the executive chef of the Scalo and is very ambitious, always focused on work and study, he compares a lot with his colleagues and the best chefs in Italy by attending important courses and events.

Your fixed nail?


That seeks to enhance through a creative and light cuisine.